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About Us

How we started

Green Edge Finance is a mindful mortgage broking business which aims to help every client with their loan requirements.

Hi, I'm Hemal Mistry, an expat from the UK, having moved across the world to sunny Sydney in 2014 after getting married in 2013, I couldn't resist exploring what the world has to offer outside the little bubble, back in my hometown of Leicester, which some of you might be familiar with as they won the Premier League in 2016, ironically I must be the only "Brit" who doesn't follow football.

A bit more about me

I've lived in both the northern and eastern suburbs of Sydney and been to so many restaurants as I have a big passion for food.

Prior to migrating to Sydney, I suddenly became gluten intolerant back in 2013 and more recently opted to turn Vegan in 2019 for my general wellbeing. I had seen too many documentaries, read so many life-changing stories and educated myself of the impact of food on health, that I had to change. I have never turned back since.

I knew the struggles of eating out when having dietary requirements, that's why I chose to create an Instagram page 'veganbob_sydney' to help others in a similar position, by providing recommendations of tried and tested cafes and restaurants. Fortunately, Australia has a lot to offer and its a great excuse to eat out.

Why does this matter?

Turning Vegan has helped support the reduction of global warming, reducing animal cruelty and switching to a more sustainable lifestyle to better our health and our futures. This leads me to the name 'Green Edge Finance' as I regard myself as being mindful in all aspects of my life, including mortgage broking, to help my clients the best way I can.

What about the future?

In 2017, I reviewed my finances and found the stresses in life of working until retirement and having to rely on my superannuation. I then decided to embark upon the world of property investing and found myself in a learning disposition, meeting so many people and understanding the relative interdependencies of finance.

Since then, I successfully built an international property portfolio that is able to sustain itself by having the right balance of capital growth and cashflow positive properties. This has enabled me to secure my future financially and given me the opportunity to become a mortgage broker to help others achieve the same.

Giving back

My support staff consists of incredible professionals who have succeeded in their areas of expertise, having 25 years of experience in the industry. With all that in mind, we're here to provide a helping hand and share what we've learned to improve the lives of our clients. This is a moral objective of Green Edge Finance.

So, give us a call or text, connect via our social media links, or navigate to the 'Contact Us' page to send a quick online enquiry, and let's work out how we can help you.

Our Director

Hemal Mistry


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